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Referencing Genesis 3 and luke 4.

Why did Satan use a disguise when approaching Eve? I believe this is by revelation of the Holy Spirit.

Before Adam was formed Satan had already been dethroned, kicked down to earth where he devastated it. By the time Adam came on the scene God had put everything in order. All that remained was naming the animals, tending the garden and having authority over everything God had created including angels. I don’t believe Adam or Eve had ever met Satan. But they were familiar with all the animals because Adam had named them. By using a disguise he was able to make them comfortable with his presence. The glory of God was never given to angels, but it was given to man who is made in the image and likeness of God.

Now think for a moment. If you had been in a position for a long time and one day some newbie is promoted and given a higher rank how would you feel and what would you do? These newbies were not only given His glory they were having conversations not discussed with angels. God was visiting them regularly, hanging out, and authority was given them that was never given to angels. As a matter of fact they were operating like God. Satan set out to disrupt the fellowship God was enjoying with man and using the disguise of a serpent struck up a conversation that would eventually sow doubt and pride in the human heart.

We must remember that the original sin that led to rebellion was pride. Satan no longer wanted to lead worship, he wanted to be worshipped. And he’s been after worship ever since. The persecution of Christians is Satan wanting to be worshipped. And he has found willing servants to help with his plan. Every time we engage in sinful acts we’ve become a worshipper. Every time we willfully disobey or break God’s laws we have engaged in Satan worship. You needn’t be a satanist to be a worshipper of Satan, all we need to do is engage in things that elevate him and demean God.

Jesus said in John 8 we can’t be slaves and sons at the same time. He said the Pharisees were unable to receive His Word because they served their father the devil. He also said we cannot serve two masters; we will always love one and hate the other Matthew 6:24. The context was money but the underlying message is the same. Adam and Eve had a choice between two masters and they chose the one they had been given authority over. Now Jesus comes on the scene in Luke 4 to show us how to handle deception and the deceiver-How to truly be victorious and overcome temptation even in our weakest moment.

If Satan couldn’t get to be God he was going to keep working at finding a way to be worshipped as a god, that’s why John 10:1 says speaking, of Satan or those who are used by him, “Very truly I tell you Pharisees (whose father is the devil) emphasis mine. Anyone who does not enter the sheep pen by the gate, but climbs in by some other way, is a thief and robber.”

We are living in a time and season where false religions are moving strategically to the front. People are becoming desensitized by all the noise. Sin is being paraded as choice. The itching ears crowd has found their man. Someone who will, as Peter put it, say what makes them feel good. Satan is capitalizing on Covid, ministers are falling prey to it, the lines are being blurred and the Church is ignorant. If we give up the authority that God has given us by His Spirit, we will find ourselves submitting to pagan authority and believe it’s the will of God.

Satanic houses of worship are springing up, their main attendees are our young adult children. Empty minds eager to be filled with the next new thing. If we fail to recognize the predator deceiver, we will lose an entire generation. I pray you don’t read these messages and set them aside, but that you’re provoked into seeking the heart of God for discernment. Pay close attention to what is being said and shown as commercial ads on television. Have you noticed what’s been shown? What used to repulse us is now just a shrug of the shoulder. We’re being forced to accept the new normal, no questions asked. If we’re wise we’ll take heed to Matthew 24-25.

Satan’s work isn’t done. But neither is God’s. But we must choose the path of wisdom, God’s wisdom. We cannot allow ignorance of the times to blindside us. We have the Holy Spirit. If the enemy can get us to let our spiritual guard down, as he did with Eve, it’s game over. But, we have the mind of Christ. We’re not supposed to be ignorant. Then why, may I ask, is the Church so weak? Why the compromises? Have we exchanged the Truth for lies? Satan’s schemes may be subtle, but he’s no match for the Christ in you.

Recognizing the deceiver is easier than you think. Just stay close to the Light. Adam and Eve made the grave error of talking with him instead of taking authority over him. I said pay close attention to what is being said and shown. If you listen with spiritual ears, you’ll hear and discern whose voice is speaking, and you won’t be deceived. It’s wake up time for the body of Christ. Spiritual sluggards will be caught off guard. Open your eyes and see, the deceiver is lurking about seeking his next victim. Will it be you?

My prayer for you is the prayer Elisha prayed for his servant. 2 Kings 6:17a

Written by permission of the Holy Spirit

W. Tennant


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