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I want to be on point and effective whenever I teach the Word, and in every area of my life. Is that your desire as well? I pray so, because God is searching for you.

Scripture focuses:

Ezekiel 22

Isaiah 6

2 Chronicles 16

1 Samuel 13

Acts 13

I Kings 19

Have you noticed that whenever God wants something done He never chooses the ideal candidate? He looks for and chooses people who are never seeking the limelight, but He always chooses someone with a heart after Him, someone in the background far off man’s radar.

In Ezekiel this man is nameless, this indicates to me that it could be any one of us. Are you the one He’s looking for? Are you willing to make yourself available to Him? God sees something in all of us that we do not see in ourselves. The disciples didn’t know they were on God’s radar, Mary wasn’t aspiring to be the mother of Jesus, Ruth wasn’t looking for Boaz who was a type and shadow of Jesus our kinsman redeemer. Joseph wasn’t looking for the position of governor, Elisha was plowing in his father’s field not thinking of replacing anyone let alone the great prophet Elijah. Esther the orphan girl and niece to Mordecai, wasn’t dreaming about being queen. David was tending sheep, he certainly wasn’t practicing his speech on the sheep as the future king of Israel. God was just looking for a man or woman whose heart He could trust to carry out His plan.

All the people I’ve named had one thing in common; AVAILABILITY.

The man or woman God chooses without knowing it, has been on God’s radar before they were ever conceived. Jeremiah was one such person ( see Jeremiah 1) Moses and Abraham come to mind as well. Let’s go even deeper. The harlot Rahab was chosen to protect the Hebrew spies and found herself in the genealogy of Jesus. Stephen was chosen to be a martyr for his faith. John was chosen to be the forerunner to Jesus but also to be martyred for his stand for righteousness.

Not every chosen vessel of God has a rosey ending. Some of us will die for our faith. God is very picky about who He allows in the lions den and firey furnace, as I have written about in previous messages. He knows the Sauls as well as the David’s. He knows the Moses’ and the Abraham’s. He knows the Peter’s and the Judas’ He knows the Mary’s and the Martha’s, the Job’s and the Jonahs; He knows who will be out front and who’ll be in the background, but be just as powerful like a Barnabas or a Lydia. He even chooses the nameless and seemingly insignificant. He’s still looking, Will we be the ones He’s looking for?

Intercessors are nameless but they prepare the way for the battle. Many victories have been won through intercessory prayer. Not every vessel is chosen for the limelight. See (2 Timothy 2:20) He’s still looking. Are we like the kids on a playground raising our hands saying choose me! Wanting to be included with the best team, or are we quietly seeking Him in obscurity only to discover that we’ve been chosen all along. We’re not accidents, we all have a purpose. God has a purpose for our lives. Let it not be said of us that He looked for one to intercede but couldn’t find one.

May our anonymous years be our greatest years. May we bloom where we’re planted. All He seeks are willing hearts, hearts full of faith towards Him. The scriptures are replete with many such stories as the few I mentioned, but we get the picture. No one is insignificant to God. He created us and knows what we’re capable of becoming. So the question remains; Are you the man or woman God is looking for?

When Jesus met the Samaritan woman, a part of the discourse went like this; The Father is seeking for those who understand what true worship is (paraphrasing) and who true worship represents. A worshipful heart is an open and available heart. If you don’t know how to bow down in worship, you’re not ready to be found. I said a few months ago the difference between who rises and fall is the condition of the heart.

King Saul was always concerned about his image so he was demoted, David was always concerned with protecting God’s image so he was promoted. Don’t worry about where you are, the all seeing eyes of God are still looking. I recall when I first started working for the government, I had just been promoted but an opportunity arose for me to move up even more. My then boss made the statement that he does not promote anyone twice in the same year. Well from his lips to my Father’s ears, he promoted me twice in the same year lol. God is still looking for a man or woman to represent Him on the job, in our neighborhood, in school, in church, in the restaurant or supermarket, He’s just plain looking!! Is it you that He’s looking for?

He’s looking for one because He understands that one will bring a thousand. The Samaritan woman brought an entire city. Billy Graham brought millions to faith in Jesus. Don’t despise yourself. God can do more with one willing vessel than two unwilling vessels. John the Baptist’s time line was short because the assignment was to be the forerunner. He wasn’t supposed to be having his own ministry along with Jesus.

For some of us the assignment is simply to promote another and fade in the background. God is looking for forerunners. Some of us will shine brightest in the wings of obscurity. Are you the one for the job?

Remember the movie Hidden Figures? They were the brains of NASA but no one knew it. When God finds His one the world will know it. Are you the one? Am I the one? God knows, but we must be available to Him-Because the call may come at midnight. God will use the saved or unsaved to accomplish His plan. He only needs available “ONES “ King Cyrus wasn’t a believer, yet God used him to do great things for Israel. (Isaiah45) It’s about being willing and obedient. Are you the one He’s looking for? 2020 may have been a challenging year for many, but it shouldn’t have moved or changed you. The Bible tells us to be steadfast and unmovable always abounding in the work of the Lord. Knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain. 1 Corinthians 25:58. As we enter the new year, I pray that you’re going on a stronger, more dedicated and committed believer in Jesus Christ, that Covid has not left you weak, defeated and lacking in faith. We’ve got more to do than ever before. Be the one God is looking for, one who will showcase His glory to a lost world.

Heavenly Father, may I be that one, the one who is willing to obey and follow You. The one who is available no matter when the call comes. In Jesus Name.🙏

Written by permission of the Holy Spirit

W. Tennant

© Godly Parent Power 2021.  No part of Godly Parent Power & The Morning Messages can be used, adapted, or copied without the permission of the copyright holder.

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