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12/7/20 - PARENTS! WAKE UP!

On Wednesday November 25, 2020 I heard this question by the Holy Spirit:

“Parents! What’s going on in your house?” I do believe it was being asked of Christian parents. Do you have any idea what’s happening in the hearts and minds of your children? I’m not speaking here of your adult children who have left home. But to children and young adults still living at home, parents, do you have a clue? As a single mom of an adult soon to be married daughter, I’d like to let you know that the Holy Spirit still reveals things to me.

Because I’ve never stopped seeking His guidance, He’s never stopped revealing things to me. We are losing our children by the thousands today because parents have stopped or have never sought the Lord for the souls of their children. We have allowed social media to shape the culture in which our children are raised. We give them an appetite for electronic devices before they’re a year old. What has happened to books and crayons? The built-in babysitters of television, smartphones and tablets have replaced one on one interaction between parents and children. Facebook has replaced face to face time. Parents, do you even know what your children look like? If there was an emergency would the description of their clothing assist you in identifying them? Do you know what they’re watching and listening to? Do you know their friends-the parents of their friends? Do you know what classes they’re taking and failing? Do you know where they are right now?

The disconnect and disrespect of parent to child, child to parent is mind- blowing. Parents are afraid to discipline their children. Children are reporting their parents for failing to go along with their puberty blocking cocktails. Once upon a time abuse was spanking your kids, now it’s failure to agree with their gender choices. Grandparents who hate their kids, now side with the grandchildren to go against their parents. You may think I’m making these things up, but I’ve read about these cases. Parents, do you know what’s going on in your house? Or do you even care? God had established the family structure. He had designed each child according to His divine plan. He didn’t give them the wrong body. He doesn’t make mistakes. Your child may be struggling because of some emotional, self-esteem or self-loathing issues, but God our Creator did not make a mistake when He formed them. (Psalm 139) Parents who lack the spiritual acumen to lead their children in a godless generation , are losing the war.

God did not intend for you to parent alone. He gave us our children. But He desires that we seek Him for how to parent them. He knows who they are before they were given to you. Jeremiah 1. He formed them in the womb. Psalm 139. He gave us specific instructions Deuteronomy 6, Proverbs 22:6. He’s given us tools throughout the Bible but especially in the book of Proverbs, wisdom’s principles for how to successfully parent. But if that weren’t enough, He’s given us His Spirit. If we’re failing it’s purely by choice. Help is always available. We just haven’t asked. What’s going on in your house? Most signs are evident at a young age. You laughed then and you’re crying now. The back talking, the nasty attitude, the too grown personality, all of it, the lying, the deception, the sneakiness, yup, it was all there in full view. I dare say that The Holy Spirit has been pointing it out, but you brushed Him off.

Everything you’re noticing isn’t new. You’re just having to deal with it now. Have you gone to a restaurant and seen an entire family, including the infant in the car seat or high chair, all focused on their electronic devices? No one is speaking to each other. The sick thing is that, they don’t even realize it. Parents, what’s going on in your house? When was the last time you prayed or read the Word together? Even during this lockdown period. Have you taken time to reconnect around the things of God? What are the takeaways from your home? Can your children survive the culture they’re in because of the steps you’ve taken as a family to safeguard them? Do they even know you’re saved? What’s going on in your home? Is Jesus Christ the Lord of your home?

Why are we losing our children at the same rate as the world who doesn’t know Jesus? If you’re too busy to raise God’s children, you do realize they’re on loan to you? If you’re too busy to parent your children, raising them as the scripture says in the fear and admonition of the Lord, then it’s time you sought the Lord for divine intervention, ask Him to show you how to prioritize your parenting time from the busyness of your day to day life. No one knows more than I, as a single parent, the value of making time to parent. Being available for every aspect of my child’s life was no small feat, but with God’s help, thirty-five years later, I have the reward.

It was hard work, but well worth it. The Holy Spirit was and is my constant companion. He desires to be yours too. Don’t be so worn out that you do what Ephesians 4:6a warns about. The word exasperate means to; irritate and infuriate intensely. No amount of money, no career is worth risking your children’s spiritual growth. Wise parents, or soon to be parents should learn from Rebekah. When Rebekah was pregnant with twins, she sought the Lord for insight about the babies in her womb. Genesis 25. God told many parents in the Bible about their children prior to conception and birth. He knows all about us, why do we neglect His helping us with something we know nothing about? Parenting has always been His number one priority. If you’d like to know what’s going on in the hearts of your children, all you need to do is ask.

So what’s going on in your house? Do you even care to know? God is asking. We’re losing our children to suicide, gangs, gender identity issues, prostitution, pornography, video games, chat rooms, child trafficking, the likes on Facebook, youth church -which isn’t really church but a social gathering. There was a game that had young people hanging themselves, games that challenged them to commit murder. The list is endless. Still most parents hand their young kids a loaded gun called a cell phone with every adult accessory with absolutely no supervision at all. Then they’re surprised when hell breaks loose in their homes. God by His Spirit wants to know: are you aware of all that’s going on in your house?

What we witnessed this past summer is just a warm up for what’s to come. What’s shocking is that we saw parents supporting what these kids were doing. Some even participated. May God in His mercy intervene and save our children from certain ruin. Those who are supposed to be examples of virtue and righteousness, the first brick layers of the foundation from which their children should be able to face the pressures of life, have failed them miserably. Instead children are left to their own devices. Not knowing right from wrong. Having no concept of godly defined boundaries, no spiritual morality, no fear of God, never graced the entrance of a church, steeped in the world’s culture, emotionally, socially and spiritually inept. Are they supposed to be the leaders of tomorrow? God help us all!

Christian parents, God is going to hold you personally accountable for the lack of moral clarity and godly influence in your children’s lives. To whom much is given, much is required. You claim to know Jesus and His Word, you’re always in church, how do you not know what’s going on in your house? Why are you lacking discernment? How have you lost the battle for your children’s souls? Where have you been for the past 19 years? That’s a long time to be missing. For some of you it’s too late, but for most of you there’s grace to turn around. You may have to seek the Lord like never before, but a sincere heart crying out for help, will not be ignored. God has been waiting for a long time. He has the answers you need. Pray for those who are lost, that God by His Spirit will give them the heart of a prodigal. That the Lord will send laborers across their path. Do your job parents, raise your children not to love church, but to love Jesus. If you don’t know how to, ask your Heavenly Father for wisdom. I did. He’ll answer you. Stop being lazy, Fathers, lead your family in the ways of the Lord. Single parents, we have the best Father in the whole world. Call on Him. Just do the right thing!


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You know what time it is? If you fall in any of the categories mentioned, I can’t pray for you, this is personal between you and your God🙏

Written by permission of the Holy Spirit

W. Tennant

© Godly Parent Power 2021.  No part of Godly Parent Power & The Morning Messages can be used, adapted, or copied without the permission of the copyright holder.

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