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2/13/23- FRAGRANCE

What does the world see when they look at you? How do you see yourself when you look at you? Your estimation of yourself is what everyone sees whether you open your mouths or not. There’s a fragrance that fills the atmosphere when confident, committed and assured of faith in Jesus Christ Christians show up. But there’s also a stench that remains when  we say one thing yet live another.

Jesus said if you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the Father. Fragrance. Paul says follow me as I follow Christ. Fragrance. Joseph said to Mrs. Pothipher. How can I do this great evil and sin against God. Fragrance. Job said though He slay me yet will I trust Him. Fragrance. Abraham willingly brought Isaac to Mount Moriah to offer him in obedience to God’s request. Fragrance. Mary broke open her alabaster box of costly perfume to anoint the feet of Jesus. Fragrance. Azariah, Hananiah, Mishael refusing to bow to the king’s statue. Fragrance. Daniel refused to pray to any other god but Yahweh. Fragrance. Peter and John refused to stop preaching in the name of Jesus. Fragrance. There’s an aroma that permeates the atmosphere when souled out people show up.

How we represent ourselves in public as children of God, is the attractiveness to which the onlookers are drawn. The words we speak in the presence of others, whether saved or unsaved will either leave them with the fragrance of Christ or a total turn off to knowing Him. Our lives are the only representation of Christ they’ll ever see. So it’s important that we see ourselves as God sees us, and endeavor to live a consistent life of followers of His.

Mixed messages are a turn off. Inconsistency is a drag on our spiritual energy. And an offense to God. It says two things. God is a liar, and the work of Jesus is incomplete. Neither of which are true. But that’s what unbelievers  smell. Every time a believer backslides or commits sin, it sets the gospel message back. The world wants answers to these questions:

If Jesus is so wonderful, why aren’t we souled out? If Jesus is faithful then why are we struggling with believing and resting in Him? If God in Christ supplies every need, why are Christians struggling in so many areas of their lives? If God’s Word is true, why are so many Christians living contrarily to it? If we’re having difficulty trusting and believing Him, what is the world supposed to do? What fragrance remains after you leave the room? If you’re not sure of your commitment to Christ, don’t tell anyone that you’re a Christian. Once you make that declaration your life is under a microscope. Satan is relentless, but we should be as purposeful and committed to our vocation as well. 

We’re not built on shoddy foundation. We’re built on a firm foundation, Jesus Christ our cornerstone. We’re not called to retreat, but to stand. When the storms of life come, when we’re being crushed, that’s the time for the fragrance of Christ to be released from us. When Asaph thought the sinners were living better than he was, he didn’t go around blabbing it, he kept it to himself until he went into God’s presence, he went to find perspective, to gain understanding. By running to and not from God, he was enlightened and encouraged. We cannot join the world to win the world. We are God’s standout fragrance. The world needs to be captivated by our representation of Christ, just as they were amazed by Jesus’ life and ministry. 

So what aromatic fragrance are we leaving behind? It’s not what we say but how we live our day to day lives that will be the attraction to those that are seeking truth. We don’t have a right to ask people to live for Jesus if we’re living haphazard lives. We’re not faking it till we make it. Jesus didn’t fake the cross. He went all the way. So should we. We are His ambassadors. He said let your light so shine before men, that they may see your “good works” and glorify your Father in heaven. The world needs to see our faith being believably lived out. There’s no room for fake faith. Live what you believe. Have you ever smelled someone’s cologne or perfume, and without knowing who’s wearing it, you’re drawn to it and even turn around to see where the fragrance is coming from? And when you do find the person, what’s the question? What are you wearing or what is the name of the fragrance? Jesus wants us to be like that fragrance. So others will turn in the direction of who we’re wearing. And ask us, who is He? And how can I meet Him? 

That should be the ultimate goal of every believer, to wear His fragrance wherever we go. 🙏 

Scripture references:

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Written by permission of the Holy Spirit

W. Tennant

February 13, 2023


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