Well Franklin Graham certainly believes that. In his effort to encourage people of faith to take the vaccine, he has succumbed to embellishment. What a disgrace! If we have to use innuendos to sell a vaccine then my friends, it is certainly not worth the risk. As a matter of fact I’d much rather trust in the real Jesus who wouldn’t need the vaccine for this simple reason: HE DOESN’T GET SICK! HE HEALS THE SICK! No wonder the watching world sees us as a joke, and not to be taken seriously. What was he thinking? Or maybe he just wasn’t!

I’m taken aback every time I hear ministers open their mouths. They have no scriptural basis for their claim, yet they spread their propaganda to millions. I’d like to ask Franklin where I can find scripture to support his statement? That’s no different than the politicians saying Jesus was a orphan immigrant. We balk at that, but how is Franklin Graham’s statement any different?

Just in case you think I made it up here’s the headline:

Franklin Graham Urges Clergy to Support COVID Vaccines, Says Jesus Would Have Used Them Too

Have we lost our minds! Drop the reverend and go sit with the Living Word. What was Isaiah 53:5-6; Psalm 103:1-5; Exodus 15:26; and 1 Peter 2:24 talking about? if Jesus needed a man made vaccine to fight Covid? If Jesus needed or would have used the vaccine, my belief in Him as the Healer is voided. The problem with the 21st century church is a lack of the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Acts 2. What we call power is nothing but a hot air balloon masquerading as an airplane. We have left off receiving what Jesus told His disciples they couldn’t live without. Power to effect real change in their world. We are His disciples in name only, we lack wisdom, and power, we have no anointing just memorized words to suit our personal agendas.

I recently read an interview of a man who is in search of the truth about Jesus. He has been observing the “church world” and his assessment is shocking. With Franklin Graham saying what he did, no wonder the man is bewildered. Who is this Jesus who would use the Covid vaccine? Are we speaking about Jesus Christ, the Creator of all life, the One without whom nothing was created? The exalted Christ the Son of the Living God! The Jesus who healed all manner of diseases! That Jesus? The Jesus whose Word alone was sent to heal the centurion’s servant! That Jesus? The Jesus who called a four day stinking corpse back from the dead! That Jesus? The Jesus who spoke to the winds and waves and walked on water! That Jesus? The Jesus who multiplied loaves and fish and fed thousands! That Jesus? The Jesus who cast out devils by His Word! That Jesus? The Jesus who died and rose from the dead after three days! That Jesus? Are we talking about the Jesus who touched and cleansed lepers! That Jesus? Are we talking about My Jesus Reverend Graham? The devil is a liar! The Lord gave me my Covid vaccine in March of 2020. It’s Luke 10:19. It’s not the government’s job to protect my health, their job under the constitution is to protect my rights. When we give to the government what belongs to God as Christians, we’ve surrendered our voices to their propaganda.

If we can lower this Jesus who God has highly exalted to His right hand, and given Him a Name above every other name, to suite our narrative, what is next? I’m ashamed of us. May God have mercy on us. Who are we really? And who do we represent? It must be another Jesus. Maybe He speaks of Bar-Jesus. So will the real Jesus please stand up. Reverend Franklin Graham needs to meet Him. Mr. Peterson’s observation is spot on, after reading that headline. Here’s what he had to say, and this before Reverend Graham shared his revelation with the world.

“Christians don’t manifest the transformational attitude that enables the outside observer to easily conclude that they believe,” he added.

“One difficulty for him has been the ways in which many Christians — and Christian institutions — have acted. He told Pageau the way many believers live their lives is “not a sufficient testament to the truth.”

Franklin, do you hear that? Maybe someone can post this on his Facebook page. Enquiring minds want to know how he arrived at that conclusion. If he needs to mischaracterize Jesus to push a vaccine, I’m convinced he’s not convinced it’s worth taking. My truth is this. When He the Spirit of Truth is come, and He has, He will guide us into all truth. Not man’s truth. Bible Truth. Don’t fall prey to a doctrine because it’s coming from pillars of the church. Follow Bible Truths. If there’s no scripture to support the statements or arguments, dump it. Jesus Christ is Lord all the time! He’s the cure for Covid and all manner of diseases. And no, Mr. Graham, the Jesus I know wouldn’t use or need a Covid shot. Passion without principle, misrepresents who Jesus is to a watching world. That’s the world’s way, and we have adopted it. Netflix recently misrepresented Jesus in a film to make their point about the second amendment.

Netflix's 'Paradise PD' Airs Obscene Cartoon of Jesus Carrying Out Mass Shooting

I read the article on this cartoon, it’s both condescending and vile. They have no fear or respect for God. And we’re giving them a reason not to. We don’t fear Him either.

Why are we imitating them, instead of imitating God? Where’s our standard?

Will there be a retraction and apology for this nonsense? Don’t hold your breath on Netflix, but the Christians will for standing up for truth. I believe Franklin Graham needs to retract his statement, because it’s a mischaracterization of who Jesus is.

I’ll end with a quote from Jesse Duplantis that makes my point perfectly. Christians have misused Christianity by needless ignorance, untrained faculties and undeveloped principles.

I’m supposed to change my world, the world is not supposed to change me.

Written by permission of the Holy Spirit

W. Tennant

March 22, 2021

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