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As the Holy Spirit spoke those words in my spirit, I recalled a conversation I had with my friend Danny at Toyota. He said inventory was in short supply. I said wow! When was the last time you heard a major car dealership say they didn’t have the supply to meet the demand? Praise Jesus! God doesn’t have that problem. The problem He’s having is finding vessels to receive the blessings.

Christians are sounding more like the widow who cried out to Elisha for help. Claiming we have nothing, we miss the opportunity for God to fill the vessels in our lives. We discount His faithfulness, complain about what we do have, living panic button lives, refusing to believe His Word and walk by faith. We have become calloused, blasé and indifferent to the Truths of scripture. A lack of faith has produced empty vessels in the house of wealth. God is not short on blessings, but He’s hard pressed to find receptacles. The Bible says He’s looking for someone to demonstrate His strength or to be favorable towards. 2 chronicles 16:9. But what He’s encountering are people doing foolish things.

God has the power to turn what we consider nothing or not enough, into abundance. But a lack of faith is producing a pushback in heaven. Where we see God as holding back, It’s really a fault of our own. The scripture verses I’m about to share will shed light on what I’ve been saying so far. Sometime it’s a simple act of obedience that will change our present failures into a lucrative business. Holding to what we need to release, produces lack spiritually, physically and financially. Are you your own setback? Sin is the greatest deterrent to blessings. God cannot compromise His integrity, no matter how much He desires to bless you. Read Psalm 89. God made great promises to David, but they were conditional. Now let’s read our focus scripture.

“One day the widow of a member of the group of prophets came to Elisha and cried out, “My husband who served you is dead, and you know how he feared the Lord. But now a creditor has come, threatening to take my two sons as slaves.” “What can I do to help you?” Elisha asked. “Tell me, what do you have in the house?” “Nothing at all, except a flask of olive oil,” she replied. And Elisha said, “Borrow as many empty jars as you can from your friends and neighbors. Then go into your house with your sons and shut the door behind you. Pour olive oil from your flask into the jars, setting each one aside when it is filled.” So she did as she was told. Her sons kept bringing jars to her, and she filled one after another. Soon every container was full to the brim! “Bring me another jar,” she said to one of her sons. “There aren’t any more!” he told her. And then the olive oil stopped flowing.”

‭‭2 Kings‬ ‭4:1-6‬ ‭NLT‬‬

Nothing at all, except. lol. That doesn’t even make sense. You either have nothing or something. Her nothing was something.

And notice why the oil stopped flowing. There were no more vessels to receive the blessings. As long as there were vessels to receive, the oil kept flowing. Have you noticed how some Christians (vessels) seem to be prospering? They have been found faithful and obedient to remain a receptacle of an open heaven. Heaven doesn’t have an inventory problem, there’s no shortage of blessings, but there’s an abundance of complaining and complacency. Children of God who are unwilling to do what the Word says. Have you held back on God’s tithes? Have you disobeyed a directive He has given you? Are you living in sin? Walking in unforgiveness and offense? Have you allowed bitterness to take root in your spirit? Are you double minded? All these things are blessing blockers.

The oil will flow, so long as there are vessels empty and ready to receive the outpouring. God is no respecter of persons. But He is also not going to stop pouring on those who are willing to do what He’s asked. Instead of being upset or jealous, why not do a quick inventory of your life to see where the problem originated. The widow was able to tell the man of God what caused her problem. Her husband had left her in debt. But she had a choice to make. Complain about her husband, complain about what she had and her limitations, or obey the prophet of God. The million dollar question was. What can I do for you? And what do you have in your house? If you’re convinced you have nothing. Then your circumstances will not change. If you’ll obey the Holy Spirit’s prompting and do exactly what He’s told you to do, your life will be forever changed.

I’ve shared in a earlier message how while in prayer the Lord instructed me to call a creditor I was having trouble with, my obedience led to them actually giving me thousands of dollars back. That’s unheard of. But what seemed impossible became doable because I obeyed. Blessings don’t fall from the sky, even though He can supernaturally do anything, the currency of earth has no value in heaven. But He will move on the heart of kings, to pour oil into our lives. Oil represents blessings. What do you want the Lord to do for you? What do you have in your house? Your breakthrough is near you. But you must be willing to move from the bed of complaining to the closed door of obedience. Sometimes you need to shut your mouth, pull down the blinds and obey God. I’m sure the very neighbors she got the vessels from ended up being customers. We can’t always explain to the world the supernatural blessings of God, but we can bless the Lord and give Him glory, while we walk in the manifestation of the blessings.

Who but Jehovah could turn a widow about to lose her sons to slavery, into a oil tycoon? Heaven has no shortages of blessings, just a shortage of vessels. Won’t you be a vessel into which He can pour Himself? A vessel that He can use to demonstrate His strength? He’s on the lookout, are you available for a visitation today? This could just be your moment. Cease it. In Jesus Name 🙏

Written by permission of the Holy Spirit

W. Tennant

April 14, 2021


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