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5/20/20 - CURIOUS??

When the Lord saw that he had gone over to look, God called to Him from within the bush, “Moses! Moses!” And Moses said “here I am.” Exodus 3:4

Now Samuel did not yet know the Lord: The Word of the Lord had not been revealed to him. A third time the Lord called, “Samuel!” The Lord came and stood there, calling as at the other times, “Samuel! Samuel!” 1 Samuel 3:7,8,10

He fell to the ground and heard a voice say to him, “Saul, Saul, why do you persecute Me?” Acts 9:4

Whenever your mother calls your name once you feel safe, but whenever she calls it twice, something is definitely up!! Can we all agree? Well this time my friends and family; it’s GOD calling your name twice and it’s a big deal!

With the exception of young Samuel who had never heard God’s audible voice and was a minister in training, the other two had been taught to hear the voice of God. Whether they had ever heard it or not, they were definitely aware. From a mat on a floor, to a burning bush and being blinded by a bright light and thrown from a horse; when I AM calls your name twice you’re in for the ride of your life!!

Let’s begin with young Samuel: He had to be around 6 years old at the time of hearing his name called twice. Only he wasn’t in trouble. The poor kid thought it was Eli his old mentor, and priest at the time. It took God three tries to get Eli’s attention so he could help this child know who was doing the calling.🤦‍♀️ Eli represents the church. In the building, performing Christian duties but dead to the voice of God. This young kid, once Eli went “dah” it’s God! Received a crushing message from God to deliver to the priest.

You need to read the account or I’ll run out of room. I know you’re intrigued so go read!

Then Moses, Moses! You know the story? Yes you do! You heard it in Sunday school. Moses in the basket? Yeah, same Moses. Or better yet Charleston Heston. Yep! That Moses 🤦‍♀️ the Ten Commandments...

God chose a burning bush because He knew exactly what would get his attention. He too was tasked with doing something unheard of. Show up to a pharaoh, the biggest name in all Egypt and tell him, “The days of free labor was over!”

Then there was Saul! Saul! But that experience, even though it cannot rival Moses’ call was one for the history books. Read the entire account in Acts 9. It’s beautiful lol well, all I can say is; he never saw life the same way again after he got his name called twice. Today we read a third of Paul’s accounts and writings in the New Testament. He gave us an eye opening account of grace, God’s amazing grace. He could, because he experienced it head on.

So my family and friends. What do you do when God calls your name? If you’re reading these messages, He’s calling your name. It may not be with some great message or a burning bush; or being blinded by a bright light. The question remains. What will you do, when God calls your name? The three examples I gave answered “Yes” one went kicking and screaming, making excuses as he went; but we’re reading their stories because they had the right response.

Hello! Jesus calling! Pick up please: I have an assignment with only your name on it. No one else can do your assignment for you. Samuel couldn’t do Moses’, Saul couldn’t do Samuels, they were uniquely qualified for their tasks; and so are you! Won’t you answer the call and find out what it is you’re called to do? Hello! Jesus here, time is running out. Don’t worry about the qualifications, I qualify the called. Listen for your name....don’t let Me have to..Acts 9

Blessed Jesus! Blessed Jesus! Thou hast bought us thine we are🎼 We say yes to you Jesus! We may be unsure of the process but we trust You! You have never! And will never! Fail or disappoint us. So today, we listen for our name, believing that if you call us you’ll be with us as we say “speak Lord! Your servant is listening “ in Jesus Name I pray. Amen 🙏

My answer will be yes Lord! YES!

Written by permission of the Holy Spirit.

W. Tennant


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