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1 Kings 19:1-2. Now Ahab told Jezebel everything Elijah had done and how he had killed all the prophets with the sword. So Jezebel sent a messenger to Elijah to say,” May the gods deal with me, be it ever so severely, if by this time tomorrow I do not make your life like one of them.” Elijah was afraid and ran for his life. 1 Kings 19: 3a

In Elijah’s account, he had wrought a great victory. Bringing the hearts of Gods people back from Baal worship to once again acknowledging the One true God. But his victory was not met with a ticker tape parade, but a threat from one of the most evil women alive; Jezebel! Her name says it all. The threat of one woman sent him running in fear. Not to the God who had just demonstrated His awesome power but to a wilderness place asking for God to kill him lol. This fear is what most of us face and respond in kind. Kill me Jesus! It’s better than the victory I just had🤦‍♀️ fear and dread will make us forget past victories.

David, I just love him! He was being chased by a jealous King Saul. Why? Because his faith in God made him do something Saul didn’t have the courage to do; take down Goliath. Saul chased him like a criminal. But David made a decision, that in spite of what Saul was plotting against him, the fear would only make him trust God even more.

What makes you afraid? What are you fearing now? We just read three different instances of great men having to face their fears, and how they chose to handle it . We also read the outcomes. Don’t allow fear to make you run from God. Use that fear to fuel your faith like Jehoshaphat and David did! The fear is not from God, therefore we resolve to enquire of the Lord. When we do this, the battle becomes His. Elijah allowed the words of an idol worshipper to take his eyes off of Jehovah. He internalized her words and instead of the reverential fear of the Lord, he was terrified and ran.

You can never run on your knees. The position you take whenever you hear bad news, will always determine your victory or defeat. We will always be given many opportunities to be fearful, but we need not be afraid. He has promised never to leave us. Jehoshaphat and David knew that the way out was seeking and trusting God. Elijah knew it too. He just chose his emotions over his faith in God. Don’t fall for the bait. They all heard horrible news that day. Two prayed one ran. Faith your fear! Choose His promises over the report.

But here’s some good news! Even if you run, He’ll meet you, talk with you, refresh you, feed and strengthen you. 1 Kings 19:5-8. You still belong to Him. He never abandons His own. Even when we run away from instead of towards Him, He chases us down. He finds us in our fears and strengthens us for the journey. Shame isn’t an excuse for running away from God or whoever may be chasing you. The enemy knows how to use our past failures to condemn us . Elijah wrought a great victory, what a way for a hero to be remembered; he ran from the threat of a woman. But God found him, and refreshed him.

God also made sure that wasn’t the last thing future readers would remember him by. Though that was his last great act and what a miraculous event it was; and even though he may have ran in fear, God brought him home by heavenly transportation. A chariot of fire. He was only one of two men who didn’t die in order to get to Heaven. Enoch was the other. So when we read about Elijah and the miracles he performed, we may not remember that he ran from Jezebel, but we will all remember the chariot of fire. Our God, will never allow us to be put to shame, as long as we trust in Him. Psalm 25:3

Scripture references: 2 Kings 2:11

Genesis 5:24

Your past doesn’t define you. The decisions you make after a failure will. So chose to seek the Lord. Let Him declare over you: “The battle is not yours! It’s Mine.”

Father in the Name of Jesus, I thank you for never turning your back on me. Even though I’ve failed you by my lack of faith , You always remain faithful. You remind me of your promises that I’m your child and you know my name. Thank you Lord for helping me faith my fears in Jesus who won the ultimate victory at the cross for me. Amen🙏

Perfect love cast out all fear. 1John 4:18

If you are faithless He remains faithful for He cannot deny who He is. 2 Timothy 2:13

Written by permission of the Holy Spirit

W. Tennant

Happy Memorial Day to all military personnel in my audience. And to all my doctors,nurses, therapists and first responders too. Have a blessed day with your families. 🙏♥️

May 25, 2020


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