When God through Samuel directed king Saul to destroy man and beast, small and great in Amalek, Saul took it upon himself to spare the main person who had committed many atrocities against Jehovah and was an enemy to Israel, as well as the best of their livestock. What exactly was Saul planning to do with Agag? Or I could ask the question another way. What purpose would the enemy serve alive when God wanted him dead? This king and his subjects were giants (not in stature) or obstacles in Israel’s way and God wanted them dealt with not petted. See Exodus 17:8-15

Anything that stands between you and God, that is diabolically opposite the Truth of scripture is a giant to be defeated not petted. It doesn’t matter who or what. When God tells us to separate ourselves, when the Word tells us that we have been given victory over every and all circumstances, we have no business entertaining whatever or whoever it is. We’re instructed to defeat it. Not make a pet out of it.

The account of Saul’s petting zoo can be found in 1 Samuel 15. He wasn’t willing to destroy everything as he was commanded and it cost him and his family dearly. What are you petting that the Lord by His Spirit and Word, has instructed you to destroy? Is it a relationship, an evil doctor’s report, a dead end job, or even a seemingly great job, negativity, lack, compromise, or whatever has you over a barrel? It’s a giant to be defeated not petted.

God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind! Sound mind. Did you read that? We have been given a mind that is sound, we have been given power and a love that conquers all. 2 Timothy 1:7. We needn’t fear any of the things I mentioned, nor do we need to accept them and make giants out of them. They may appear larger than life, but they’re blips on God’s radar. We need to take authority over them all, in the Name of Jesus! Joshua and Caleb in Numbers 14 called the giants standing between them and their inheritance bread, meat for them. They were saying, don’t pet them defeat them!

Some people enjoy crutches. They like the idea of gaining sympathy so they hold their giants up for all to see. Look at my pet cancer, my pet lack, my pet diabetes, my pet depression, my pet anxiety, my pet anger, my pet loneliness. The giant goes from a pet to a controller. Whatever we hold to will eventually consume us. We’ve made Jesus small and the problems giants. But if we’ll take the approach David did, then every giant will fall as we use the authority we’ve been given. 1 Samuel 17.

So what’s the name of your pet giant? Are you ready to defeat it? You have been given power by the One who has all power, Jesus the Christ. The anointed One and His anointing. Luke 10:19. If we stop and think about it, Jesus defeated every giant at Calvary. Every name that exalts itself against the knowledge or Truth we know, must bow. Dagon the god of the Philistines, fell and was broken into pieces in the Presence of God. 1 Samuel 5. We don’t need to fear or pet the giants in our lives, they were not designed to take over, but to be destroyed. It’s time for spring cleaning! It’s time to mop up the debris of giant residue and throw it out for good!

Get the sword of the Spirit out of storage, and begin to take the giants down. Samuel brought Agag out and finished what God had instructed Saul to do. 1 Samuel 15:32-33. You know your pet giants, line them up and destroy them in the authority and power of the Name of Jesus! Be free from the self imposed bondages and evil reports of practicing physicians. The Healer and Deliverer lives in you! We’re more than conquerors. Do you know what that means? It means not only do we take them down we collect the spoils. We take back everything that was stolen, complete restitution. Exodus 12:36, 2 Kings 7. Take the limits off of God and yourself. You were not reborn to fail but to conquer.

Giants aren’t meant to be pets, they’re to be defeated.

Written by permission of the Holy Spirit

W. Tennant

May 7, 2021

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